The future of AI in trading and investing

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2 min readJun 21, 2023

Current solutions will mature and evolve. They will become more and more efficient and faster. In the beginning, they will certainly support traders in a variety of ways, providing knowledge, guidance, automating tasks and processes.

This will be the time when the best results will be achieved by mixed (I would call them hybrid) teams composed of traders and artificial intelligence.

An article on this topic is already in preparation, in it I will show the right direction of development, the next step of adoption of AI solutions by funds. For now, this direction is not well understood, and I want to change that.

Ultimately, there will be a Super AI, which will independently collect data, analyze it and make investment decisions. I’ll preempt a possible question — the AI I’m thinking of will work like an excellent trader, the best of the best in the field. And the cost (variable) of creating and testing the new system will be equal to the price of electricity the computer will consume.

The time to build a valuable strategy for using artificial intelligence in fund investing is today.

The next important step is… NOT to bet on a “stand-alone AI machine” (as many fund managers think), but on a hybrid team, consisting of a well-prepared and trained team of people (including necessarily traders) and evolving artificial intelligence.

Future is now, and the future of artificial intelligence in trading has already begun. In 5–10 years, there will be a significant breakthrough. Considering that the average trader needs about 3 years to master the system, there is not much time left.

I will write more about this in the future. Check out our texts about AI in trading, maybe something has already been created! I also recommend New City Trader magazine, which largely writes about modern solutions in trading and investment.



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